Advisory Board

This board consists of insightful business leaders advising Global Chamber® London in our efforts to support international trade and businesses in the region.



Bharat Sarollia  

Principal, J.Burton Walsh Ltd

Bharat operates at the intersection of the Technology (Big Data/Cloud/Cyber Security/AI and VR/AR) and Entertainment (Film and Television Studios, Talent Agencies, Record Labels and Gaming) worlds. Part of his work is to help fund the dreams of ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams who believe they “can change the world”. For the Private Equity and Venture Capital world he originates deals that will substantially enhance the value of their portfolios and funds. Bharat has spent 20 years operating in a professional environment. First as a “Headhunter”, the within in “Deal Origination” for Mid-Market Private Equity companies and now as “Unicorn Herder” helping companies and management teams achieve funding and operational expertise that will lead them to “Unicorn” status - £1billion valuation.



Paul Leslie Vousden 

Director, Corporate Counsel

Senior manager with experience of team building and company expansions. Excellent communication skills and a professional background in corporate communications. A qualified business coach with The Core Asset – a leading coaching system for SMEs. Corporate Counsel provides a range of business advisory services helping companies to access investment for growth and providing strategic direction and management coaching.
We can also advise on corporate governance, PR and communications and business planning.



Steve Taklasingh

Global Advisor at Global Chamber London

Steve is an experienced commercial Chief Financial Officer with many years of senior executive experience. He possess the technical skills and strategic foresight required to achieve technological, regulatory and commercial opportunities. He plays a key role across a broad spectrum of management and strategic functions that include the designing and implementing of a working investment process for businesses. .He is a Performance-driven CFO with extensive C-Level experience conducting strategic and comprehensive business reviews to drive sustainable growth.



Taus Nöhrlind

Co-founder, Managing Director at Institute for Global Expansion

Taus Nöhrlind has 25+ years of experience in strategy, business development and international expansion. He has wide-ranging experience with SMEs from a diverse range of industries and countries, comprising board level work, management, growth strategies, execution planning and improving business performance as well as mentor for a range of start-ups. Has developed and lead export trade missions with government support and has hands-on experience with distribution strategy and export market development for 100+ companies.

Taus’ background is 8 years as director in a trading company doing business with 20+ countries; 5 years as partner and managing director of a Scandinavian management consultancy with 25 staff; 15+ years of working with SMEs and start-ups, global expansion strategy, new concepts, product and market introductions, financial modelling, investor search, turn-arounds and international market expansion.



Tony Woodward  

Financial Adviser, Charles Derby Financial Services Ltd  

As acting MD of Applied DNA Science (Europe), Tony presented their technology at the Association of Chief Police Officers in 2010 and received the Excellence in Policing Award. He also facilitated £56m from the UK Government for disaster relief in 2014. He works now as a pro-bono Banking Adviser to the Start Network; Start Network is 42 Brand Name charities responsible for over 70% of International disaster relief response. Currently, Tony serves as a financial adviser for Charles Derby Financial Services, ltd. Previously, he was the Founder and CEO of Arjent Limited (2001-2009) and Director of Kleinwort Benson Investment Management (1982 - 1998).




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